Can't hear friend on discord

I have a Droid Maxx 2 phone. Same here. I'm going to try reinstalling the app and seeing if that fixes the issue - Im on an android phone. Does the unmute, leave the page, go back to user profile, still muted thing. Android fix: settings > apps > application manager > discord > storage > delete data and cache..

Administrators at the University of Missouri are blaming demographic factors and unrest on campus for projected enrollment decreases. By clicking "TRY IT", I agree to receive newsl...This method is an okay solution however it will mute all of your PC's audio on stream. You will still be able to hear your friends in chat and your viewers won't hear any audio from discord or your game. Method 2 - Mute Your Discord Using A Hot Key. Alternatively, you can use a hotkey in discord to toggle mute your discord audio.

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From the General tab, you should be able to see a SHARE setting (located at the bottom). Simply toggle off the switch right next to it to disable NVIDIA Share (ShadowPlay). Once again, relaunch your Discord and start the screen sharing once again to see if the steps above have helped fix it. 4.Make sure Valorant's audio is enabled in Windows. You can also adjust your sound settings. To do so: Open Settings. Click System. Click the Sound tab. Make sure your Input and Output devices are correct. You can also click App volume and device preferences to adjust the master volume of all apps and devices.Verify Microphone and Audio Settings. Next, we need to inspect audio settings within Discord: Setting. Action. Input/Output Devices. Select the correct devices for your setup under 'Voice & Video' settings. Volume Slider. Adjust your user volume appropriately to ensure others hear you well. Permissions.

Method 1. Open Discord as Administrator. When you can't share your audio with Discord's screen share functionality, the first thing to try is opening Discord as a local administrator. The screen share feature may not work correctly if A standard user runs Discord. Here's what you need to do: Exit out of Discord entirely by closing the application.Since no one has responded to this, you need to go into your sound settings (windows 10) --> Manage Sound Devices (blue text) and disabled the wireless controller for both the speakers and for the mic. 5. Reply.Discord - Group Chat That’s All Fun & Games. Discord is a voice, video, and text communication service used by over a hundred million people to hang out and talk with their friends and communities. 1.1M Members. 593 Online. Top 1% Rank by size. r/discordapp.Can't hear friends on Discord. Hi everyone. I recently met up with my friends again to play some games and I have problems using Discord: they can hear me but I can't hear them. I look at options and the headphones volume and chat mixer are greyed out, but the first changes if I move the volume wheel. I can change the volume of my microphone ...

Me and my friends will be on discord and my friend (PC) will play a soundboard sound, but I (mobile) can’t hear it. I checked my soundboard sound settings and it has it turned up. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Make sure you're on the newest version. I had been using the last version for Android before ...It could be used for educational purposes, work presentations, or just for having fun with friends! Many Discord users are having trouble with audio on their screen share. For example, even if you hear the audio on your side, it's possible that the viewer(s) can't hear anything.Discord Voice chat doesn't seem to want to come through my headphones when I've got them plugged in to my PS5 controller connected to my PC, but the sound effects do. ….

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Edit 2: Manually setting the audio sources also fix the issue. Discord must be messing up the audio sources. On PC, you can go to the bottom right volume button and hit the name of your headphones right above the volume slider, see if there's any other choices and try clicking those.Causes of Discord Audio Problems. The way an audio problem sounds can help you figure out what’s causing it. If you can’t listen to your own audio, pay attention …

Discord Mobile Screen Sharing, Picture but No Audio. My friend is trying to screen share and show us her tik tok favorites, however her audio cannot be heard by the viewers in the server. She had a Samsung Android Note 9, and neither of us can figure out why this is an issue. I myself have not had any issues, but I am using the latest iPhone.My friend and I went round and round on this. First, we both tried resetting our Audio Settings (Settings -> Voice & Video -> scroll way down, [Reset Voice Settings]). That didn't help. Ultimately what wound up working for us was changing our Input and Output audio devices away from "Default" to use the specific hardware that we were using.

walgreens michigan Sep 23, 2023 · Press the Xbox button to open the guide, and then select Parties & chats. Select the party to expand the party roster, choose the person you want to check, and then verify that their volume slider is at a level that you can hear. To change the volume level, move left or right using the D-pad or the left stick to adjust the volume slider. fantasy trade caculatormichigan early action deadline Here are the methods to fix Discord screen share audio not working: 1. Restart Your Computer. Restarting your computer is the most basic yet powerful method. A quick reboot might resolve Discord audio like many Discord users when you share the audio with your current screen.When you can't hear people in discord, don't panic. Start by visiting discord's help center, where you can access comprehensive guides and tutorials to troubleshoot audio issues. Additionally, leverage the discord community's knowledge and support by joining server communities, participating in user forums, and following official social ... dunham's charlotte I have searched for workarounds and currently everything is requiring capture cards, extra mics, headsets, etc. just to be able to hear audio. There's now a setting in Voice chat settings for discord on the PS5 Called "Share your voice" it allows your voice to be included in other players broadcasts and video clips.Here's what has always worked for me: Keep the Parsec connection going. Go to Discord. In the 'Voice & Video' settings, scroll down and toggle 'Audio Subsystem' from Standard to Legacy, or vice versa. Note that this will cause Discord to restart. I've had this issue frequently with friends regardless of who's hosting, and this always seems to ... a pillar gauge podtropicana field view from my seatcopper kettle chambersburg menu Table of Contents. How to Fix Can't Hear Anyone on Discord. Method 1: Set As Default Device in Sound Settings. Method 2: Use the Legacy Audio Subsystem. Method 3: Check whether you are using the correct Output Device. Method 4: Reset Voice Settings. Method 5: Use the Web App for Discord. Conclusion. does donald trump have a gofundme page reinstalled Gmod today and played with a friend in a private server for a few hours and i got this discord message? we share 0 communities together so how did he find my discord? r/discordapp • Wildflower discord emojis I made for free use!So, if you are having issues whereby your friends speaking in Discord are not being recorded, there is an easy (ish) fix. It only works if you are using an external capture device (capture card linked to a PC/laptop), the easiest fix is to set up a second account. Join the same discord chat that you are speaking in from your streaming PC/laptop ... home depot barn shedconnecticut humane society photosminnesota high school rankings Method 5) Make Sure You’re not Muted. If you can’t hear anyone on Discord, it’s possible that you’re muted. To check your mute status on your computer, click the speaker icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen and select “Open Sound Settings.”. Under “Mute,” make sure the “Mute” slider is to the left.